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Emmy vom roten Fluss

Emmy is our first Deutsch Drahthaar and embodies everything a Draht should be. She is tenacious on the hunt, calm as a lamb in the house, friendly with people, good with other dogs, and fierce when faced with a predator. As a puppy she was full of life and spunk and very good with people and other dogs alike. Emmy is extremely intelligent. It doesn't take her long to learn something new. However that intelligence did lead to a few battles during training and she had to learn it was OUR way, not HER way. Once she accepted that, training has been a breeze. As Emmy has matured over the past few years, she has endeared herself to us more than we ever could have imagined. She is always ready to hunt and has incredible stamina in the field. Her tenacity on the hunt is turned off once we go indoors, and she is perfectly behaved. In the evenings after dinner you can generally find her in her spot on the "doggie couch". Emmy loves to hunt quail, rabbits, ducks, and geese, but her favorite species is pheasant. Her personality is extremely loving with people. She's been known to try to butter up the judges by leaning in for a hug or petting when she goes to her hunt tests through JGHV and VDD-GNA. But once the guns come out, she says there's not time for petting, let's go get some game!  
Born July 6, 2008
VJP - 62
HZP - 159, 185
Form/Coat - 9/9
HD Free
vWD Free

Brynna vom König-Haus

Brynna is out of our second litter (B Litter). She seems to inherited the best of both her mother and father. She has Emmy's sweet disposition and tenacious drive, and her father's striking looks and desire to please. Brynna was easy to train and has a very cooperative spirit. So far her favorite game is rabbits, but she's learning more about quail and pheasant and loves them too. A shortage of wild birds has limited her exposure to upland game but she learns each time she encounters one. She's also learning about duck hunting and blood tracking. She enjoys following tracks and is eager to do so. She hasn't decided about duck hunting yet. We haven't been able to shoot many birds over her as the times we've had her out just haven't been good days. She seems to think we are a little crazy to be sitting still by the pond when we could be searching the field. She gives us the look then settles down in her spot to wait and see what happens.  We are currently enjoying hunting season and this spring will begin VGP training with Brynna.

Born June 4, 2012
VJP - 53 (sightloud), 67(sightloud)
HZP - 166, 174+10 Armbruster
Form/Coat - 10/10
HD Free
OCD Free
ED Free
vWD Free

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