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Our Kennel

We are a small kennel and at this point in time only expect to have one litter every year or two.  It is important to us to hunt our dogs and make sure they are used for the purposes they were bred.  Please contact us for more information on our current litter and/or plans for upcoming litters.


Our puppies are guaranteed against hip dysplasia and bleeding disorders.  Documentation of hip dysplasia must be received on or before 24 months of age.  In most cases the guarantee will be fulfilled in the form of another puppy from our next litter. 

While there are no guarantees an individual dog will hunt, extreme care will be taken in selecting appropriate dams and sires who have demonstrated proficient hunt skills through testing and hunt experiences.

Puppy shots and wormings will be given as appropriate during the first 8 weeks after birth. We recommend taking your puppy to your veterinarian within the first 14 days after it's arrival to your home.  If a serious (life threatenting or long-term debilitating) health issue is found within this time frame, a replacement puppy may be provided from the current or next litter.


First and foremost, we expect appropriate veterinary care to be provided to all of our dogs.  A healthy dog is key to performance in the field. 

We have taken great care in testing and evaluating each breeding to ensure excellent hunt potential and family oriented dogs.  As such, we wish for all our dogs to be hunting dogs.  If you are not going to hunt your dog, please look to another kennel. 

Additionally, dogs are social creatures who need to be with their pack (aka your family). They do not adapt well to being kenneled all the time and only brought out once in a while to hunt.  We expect puppy buyers to spend quality time in training and socializing their dogs as well as include them as family dogs who spend time with the family in the house. 

If for any reason the puppy buyer is unable to keep the dog during it's lifetime, we require notification and will take the dog back if a suitable home cannot be found.  This is a safety net for both the dog and new owners, and will allow us to assist in finding an appropriate new home for the dog.    

You can expect us to be a resource to you to help you through the training and testing process. We will make ourselves available by phone and email to discuss your questions and concerns.  Additionally, we will attempt to host training days periodically to assist you.

Reserving a Puppy
A $200 deposit will be required to reserve your puppy by sex. Selection of the specific dog with be by agreement of seller and buyer.  If an appropriate puppy cannot be provided to you, your deposit will be refunded.  

Contact Us
For more information, questions or concerns, please contact us:
Curtis King - 417-434-3091
Bethany King - 417-825-8042
Email - bqking@gmail.com

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