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vom Konig-Haus C-Litter


"C" Litter
Planned Breeding Winter/Spring 2014

   Emmy vom roten Fluss  x  Fuller (Ira) vom Eisbärteich 
VJP: 62                                                      VJP: 65      
                               HZP: 159, 185                                               HZP: 177                                      
                                                                 VGP: III./260 TF
      Form: 9 / Hair: 9                                     Form: 12 / Hair: 11    
 HD Free (A rating)                                   HD Free (A Rating)
vWD Free                                                  vWD Free

C Litter is going to be a repeat of a very successful A Litter. We liked the drive, trainability, desire, and stamina all the puppies inherited from their parents. Both parents are excellent hunters with wonderful temperments.  They each hunt pheasants, quail, waterfowl, rabbits, and anything else in season. Their calm demeanor in the house and tenacious but focused drive in the field were at the top of the list of important traits we want to obtain in this litter. Since A Litter, Fuller has passed his VGP and Emmy is in the process of training for it. Hopefully she will pass her VGP in the fall of 2014. Feel free to email or call if you have any questions regarding C Litter. A litter references available on request.

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